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Fair Student Funding

Fair Student Funding Overview for 2018-19 School Year

2018-2019 School Budgets

The transition from the 2017-2018 school year to the 2018-2019 school year ensures that schools are allocated the same base-lined funds they received in the prior year with adjustments only for changes in the number and needs of students, and for collective bargaining related increases.

Adjustments for Salary:
  • Schools are funded for the FY 2019 value of the collective bargaining related increases for staff active at the start of FY 2019, and for FY 2018 service levels of per diem and per session, adjusted for year-over-year weighted register changes. The FY 2019 collective bargaining adjustment for weighted register change is $736.42 per weighted capita.
  • During FY 2018 system-wide average teacher salaries, excluding the fully funded collective bargaining increases, remained the same as the prior year, therefore the formula for FY 2019 is unadjusted to reflect the steady citywide average teacher salary.
Additional details are available in the Fair Student Funding Guide.
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I. FY 2018 Revised Base Allocations Excluding CB and Foundation1 a b + c + d + e + h   $2,619,856     100.17%
  TL Fair Student Funding b     $3,266,259    
  TL 09 C4E CTT c     $0    
  TL Funds Over Formula d     $4,360    
  Less: Cumulative Collective Bargaining (CB) e f + g   ($425,763)    
  Staffing f ($475,562)        
  Register Change g $49,799      
  Less: Foundation h     ($225,000)    

II. FY 2019 Fair Student Funding Preliminary Allocation Excluding CB and Foundation i a + j + k    $2,434,010    
  FY 2018 Revised Base Allocations Excluding CB and Foundation a      $2,619,856    
  System-wide Teacher Salary Change2 j      $0    
  Adjustment for Register Change3 k     ($185,846)    

III. FY 2019 Fair Student Funding Formula at 100%4 l      $2,429,959    

IV. FY 2019 Initial Allocation Percent of Formula m (i + o) / l       100.17%
  FY 2019 Preliminary Percent of Formula n i / l       100.17%
  Adjustment to Raise School's Fair Student Formula Funding Percent to 90% o     $0    
  [i] FSF Preliminary Allocation + [o] Funding Adjustment   [i] $2,434,010 + [o] $0        
  [l] FSF Formula   [l] $2,429,959        

V. FY 2019 Foundation and Collective Bargaining (CB) p q + r + s   $723,110    
  Foundation q     $225,000    
  CB for Staffing5 r     $531,615    
  CB for Register Change6 s     ($33,505)    

VI. FY 2019 Initial Fair Student Funding Allocation t i + o + p   $3,157,120    
  TL Fair Student Funding Allocation       $3,153,069    
  TL 09 C4E CTT       $0    
  TL FSF Floor Raise       $0    
  TL Funds Over Formula       $4,051    

VII. FY 2019 TL SE Transitional Funding       $0    

VIII. FY 2019 Current Allocations in Galaxy
  1. Where schools have consolidated, the FY 2019 weighted registers have been combined, with weighted registers from the dissolving school added at 100% FSF prior to any changes detailed on this page.
  2. Calculated at the FY 2018 Final FSF Funding Percent uncapped, for system-wide salary decreases.
  3. Calculated at the FY 2018 Final FSF Funding Percent capped at 100% for weighted register growth, and uncapped for weighted register decreases.
  4. Calculations may have minor discrepancies due to rounding.
  5. Includes CB for all staff on school payroll as well as Per Diem, Per Session, Pro Rata, Prep Period Coverage and 6th Period Coverage.
  6. Calculated at the FY 2018 Final FSF Funding Percent, capped at 100%.