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3/31/2015 1:01:12 PM
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WELCOME TO THE NEW YORK CITY DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION ONLINE EXCESSED STAFF SELECTION SYSTEM. THE OPEN MARKET TRANSFER PERIOD HAS ENDED FOR THE 2014-2015 SCHOOL YEAR. This site is now only for use by current UFT EXCESSED STAFF ONLY. If you are in excess, please read below for critical information about communications on the first assignment in the rotation and tips for your ongoing job search.

Important Steps for UFT Excessed Staff - ACTION REQUIRED
ENTER/UPDATE CONTACT INFORMATION IN ESSS:It is essential for employees placed in excess to immediately update their contact information in the Excessed Staff Support System (ESSS). The ESSS is the primary portal for obtaining information regarding positions, job search support, and instructions on where to report in September.

INFORMATION ON WHERE TO REPORT ON SEPTEMBER 2nd: Assignment locations will be finalized in late August and will be viewable via the “My Current Status” link. ATRs will not report back to the school they reported to in June, so all excessed teachers/employees must check back to verify reporting location for school opening.

The Excessed Staff Selection System is for use by staff in all regularly appointed UFT titles who are in excess, including Teachers, Guidance Counselors, School Secretaries, Lab Specialists, School Psychologists, Speech Improvement, School Social Workers, Attendance Teachers, and UFT Paraprofessionals. Click here to view Eligible Titles.

Please proceed to the Sign In page in order to enter the Excess Staff Selection System.

If you need assistance, please contact HR Connect at 718-935-4000 Monday through Friday, anytime between 9 am and 5 pm.

For additional resources to aid in your job search, please visit the Teacher Hiring Support Center's website at http://thscnyc.org.

Tips for your Job Search and Using the Excess Staff Selection System (ESSS)

  1. Complete an application by uploading your resume and responding to the writing prompts is an excellent start – but you must actually submit your application to a school or vacancy in order for your resume to be seen by a principal! Remember, all of your efforts to polish your resume and highlight your experience and talent won’t be noticed until you actually apply to a school or vacancy. So go for it!
  2. Logon to ESSS routinely to view and apply to posted vacancies in your license area. Vacancies are posted on an ongoing basis and you do not want to miss out on applying to an opportunity that may be the right fit for you.
  3. Upload an updated resume to your profile. While doing so is not required, it is strongly recommended. A well constructed resume is an important marketing tool that allows you to showcase your skills and past contributions. Without it, you are not displaying your qualifications and experience to your best advantage. Please feel free to access a helpful resume checklist as a guide.
  4. Respond to the writing prompts to strengthen your profile. This is a great way to market your skills and past accomplishments in your previous school communities in a more personal way.
  5. Research schools in advance of applying so that you are an informed and prepared candidate. This will help in your deciding if a particular school is a potential fit for you, and will give you an edge should you be contacted for an interview. Visit http://schools.nyc.gov/schoolsearch/ to access a schools’ web portal and view their accountability reports.
  6. Be flexible and consider applying to schools outside of your district. Students throughout New York City are in need of quality experienced pedagogues and pupil personnel support staff.
  7. Although there is no limit on the submission of applications, applicants are strongly encouraged to be strategic about the number of positions applied to at any given point in time. Juggling too many openings may dilute your ability to put your best efforts into interviewing for your most desired positions.
  8. Establish your own follow-up strategy and interview tracking system where applicable. While ESSS tracks your submitted applications, it is important that you track and have easily accessible information on where you are in the interview process in the event you are being considered for multiple opportunities. This will prevent losing track of appointments and ensuring that you are prepared for any interview opportunity that arises.
  9. Set expectations regarding the offer and acceptance process. Once you have been intended for a position, you are not able to change schools again even if the Transfer Period is still open. Proposing that the offer and acceptance process be confirmed via email within set timeframes helps to lessen miscommunication regarding commitments from both you and a potential new principal. Also, as a reminder, the Principal and the applicant are required to sign the printed agreement verifying the school’s offer and the applicant’s acceptance in order to complete the transfer.